How do you women keep a good relationship with your partners?

  • I can't seem to balance my baby and my husbands needs. It seems like since we got home, my husband and I have done nothing but fight. How do you keep it "fresh" with your significant others? I need all the advice I can get! i AM SO TIRED OF FIGHTING  over nothing at all. I don't know if we fight because we don't get to spend as much time together now or because of the stress and lack of sleep from the baby.

  • How old is your baby? My husband and I were the same way! Our little boy will be 2 months tomorrow!! It's just such a huge adjustment for everybody!! It just didn't seem fair that a day after we came home he had to go back to work! Which left me all alone with the baby!! (He's our first baby too!!) I think sometimes you just need a break from it all and that just tends to make you fight with each other! I just recently let my mom keep the baby so we could go out to eat with my brother and sister in law!! It really helped us both being able to have time together without the baby!! :) Made us feel like we were dating again! LOL!  My problem too is I'm so tired of staying in the house all week and needed to get out! So we took a shopping trip over the weekend just the 3 of us!! It was a hour and a half drive!! But it was so worth it! So maybe try going out without the baby or just get away for the day!! 


  • Having a baby is such a dramatic adjustment. It's hard to have perspective that things will ever change and get better but they will. When baby is new, you are so sleep deprived and tired and overwhelmed at times. I had to try to remember that my husband was very worried about messing things up and had never been around little babies before, so he would pass some things on to me without realizing why he did it. We worked hard to take time to talk a bit each day and try to get out on some date nights. I know this sounds terrible but we also started to schedule sex because it wasn't happening unless we did! When we started on that schedule, we began to feel more like a couple again. Now that our boy is almost 2, we are sleeping again and having great fun as a family. Your relationship with your significant other is never going to go back to being where it was before but the new normal that you all have is going to get better and better and be a wonderful new phase of your relationship. Hang in there!
  • They're right! Having a new baby is a real adjustment for everyone. Talk to your partner and let him know how you feel. Talk about things that you need and ask him what things he would like you to do. There are many fears when you have a child and sometimes talking about them makes it easier. Just keep the communication open and when the baby is bigger, make it a priority to go on "dates" with your partner. It will get better if you keep trying.

  • I very much agree that the best thing that you can do is keep talking with your husband. A baby is a HUGE adjustment for both of you, and sometimes just acknowledging this is a big help. Hang in there, Jess
  • My husband and are were the same way. I would get upset about the littlest things. and he would be irritated as well. We have twins so theres never any down time to just relax lol He works 330 to midnight monday thru friday and 11 to 730 saturdays so we never see each other. but through it all we make time for each other for example "dates" are always fun.  Or just take time to have talks bout anything your day or his. At night while the babies are asleep take a shower together, share how you feel, take a nap together. Theres lots of littles things that can fix this problem :) key word being "the little things." ;)

  • Elle-great suggestions. I love your attitude and determination to make the little moments count. :-)

  • our doughter i almost tow she be two in oct 7th and our baby boy be born on sep 12th. me and my husband  been to maired for a year be for we got maird we had oour doughter  in four years  in our relationship  my husband been bout  5 mounths have to  stay altime to its going  to be hard with a new  born a nd a totaler lol we tried  so hard to get some time to our self when our doughter was hard  now its going to be twice hard with our new born baby boy......Smile