new momma of twins!!!

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  • Congratulations! They look precious! Glad you are here on the Strong Moms site! Let me know if you have any questions--otherwise, jump on in the conversations!

  • Congrats!! They look absolutely adorable - did they come home with you? What are their names? I hope you are getting a little sleep and enjoying your sweet babies!

  • Oh my gosh!!! Wow!!! We need stats-birthdate, weight, length, hows feedings going? How is mamma doing? CONGRATS! Jess
  • Thank you :) no they stayed in the NICU for a couple weeks. one for about 2 weks the other 3 1/2. their names are Io Izabella and the other is Briseis Michelle. their names are greek. And no no sleep lol

  • Congratulations!  I remember those days!  I had triplets nine years ago.  They just started 4th grade today.  One giant piece of advice when they are this young......keep them on a schedule and feed, diaper, play, sleep at the same time.  Take all the help you can get!  The rigid schedule will pay off big time!  Mine were sleeping through the night at about 14 weeks, no lie!   Oh, and nap when they nap!



  • Thanks for the update Elle!  I think that AMwith4 has some great advice.  Routine is very helpful for everyone and will hopefully allow you some rest.  Hang in there and sleep when you can. :)


  • Thank you :) Triplets?!?! Oh wow thats awesome. Thanks for the advice. I do have them on a schedule. My girls are in sync with eachother oddly enough to say even with the bowel movements lol (or so it seems) They do good at night and thankfully i was blessed with good babies. The only time they cry is they have a dirty diaper or are hungry. My family is sooooo loving they are passed around and soooo loved by all :)