First Baby

  • Hey guys im about to be a new mom any day now and its my first baby. Im not sure how a newborn acts. Im a single mother on this cause the father doesnt want anything to do with the baby. Can i have some advice about what to do please?

  • Welcome to StrongMoms! Congrats on your baby...when is your due date? I'd really encourage you to get involved with a mommy group. Ask at the hospital if they have any new mom support groups or anything like that. Those groups can be such a source of support and give you some great resources/people to call when you have questions that need to be answered immediately. Of course, we are here too for any other questions you have! 

    Basically, newborns need to eat about every 3-4 hours (sometimes sooner if they act hungry) and have their diapers changed with each feeding. They will do a LOT of sleeping at first but wake up every couple hours to eat and then usually go back to sleep. If they cry, its often because they are either hungry, need a diaper change, need to be held/rocked, or are cold/hot. You can trouble shoot all these things if the baby is crying. Make sure you give the baby lots of love and snuggle time - this is what they love best. You can do this - ask all the people around you who have experience with kids for help! :-)

  • Thank you very much. The due date is October 3 but i went to the hospital last night and found out im dilating but slowly so far but they tried to stop it. They told me that after tomorrow they will no longer stop it cause ill be 36 weeks. My son is determined to come out and i know he will survive.

  • kochamber-

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!  I want to welcome you to the site, I think that you will find lots of information here, answers to your questions and a lot of support.  You might start by looking through the sections on "Babys first year" and "Feeding and Nutrition" while you are in your last days of pregnancy.  I think that these boards will provide you with a lot of good information that will help you through your first days as a new mom.  The other thing that may be helpful is to ask those nurses in the hospital (when you are having your baby) lots of questions.  It is their job to know all about new babies and all about how to help you know your baby better.  

    I hope that you will keep us posted as your progress through your last days of pregnancy and then as that baby grows.

    Welcome to the boards,


  • Congratulations! I know there is a lot to take in when you have a baby, but there is a ton of information on this site. You'll find some great advice here on the message boards from other moms. When your baby arrives, remember to take advantage of the help offered in the hospital. Ask as many questions as you need to and ask the nurses for advice on diapering, swaddling, feeding etc. If you are planning on breastfeeding, ask to have a lactation nurse work with you and the baby. Once your baby is born, talk to your pediatrician and OBGYN for more advice. Good luck and Congrats!

  • Thank you for the advice I will do that. I will make sure i keep you guys updated about the last days and when Kevin is growing up. I really appreciate the help and all the advice.

  • Ok thanks that was good advice and ill be sure to do that. It is alot to take in but i know ill do fine cause i had alot of practice with babies at day-cares and friends and family but i do admit i didnt have any practice with a newborn but atleast i have my mom to help me with all of this.

  • Wow - sounds like he is going to come out soon! I hope all goes well with your labor and delivery. It's such an amazing feeling when you hold your little boy in your arms for the first time. Nothing like it! I'll look forward to some new pictures from you! :-)
  • Yep he's coming real soon. thank you very much :). I'll make sure I put some pictures of him when he comes.