Going back to school and raising a family--HELP!

  • My husband is going back to school this fall to get his masters degree. While I am very proud of him, I am also a bit nervous about how this is going to affect our family. We have 4 small children, and we rely on having him around. How do you juggle going back to school and family responsibilities?

  • MommyRN4-Gosh this sounds like a hard situation.  I totally understand what you are concerned about, and have been in the same situation but without 4 children.  One suggestion I have (and you may have already organized this) is that it might really help to be a part of a good play group, church group, ect so that you have other adults to spend sometime with during the day and your children have some entertainment that is different from home.  I think that one of the hardest things might be the lack of adult companionship during the day.  I hope that you will remember that you can come here for support whenever you need it.  

    Let u know how things go,


  • While I only have one boy, my husband is in school and doing an internship while I work full time. It's been a big change for us to do this and has taken a lot of adjustments and sacrifices to get our schedule down. Basically, we have had to set aside time where my husband always knows that I have our son and he is free to leave and do homework - for example - 8 to 1 pm most days. He comes home after that and gives me a break and I usually try to take time to do something I need to do or get a nap or whatever. When I head off to work, he is focused on our son and gets back to school work when he goes to bed in the evening. It's all about communication and sitting down with your schedules to fill in the gaps so that each of your needs are being met. You can do it!