Help! Why is Losing the Baby Weight So HARD??

  • I have had 4 children in 6 years and, needless to say, I have about 20 pounds that just won't come off! I eat very healthy and I run around all day with the kids! I cut out soda, and I have even cut out most treats, yet the weight will not budge! Is there anyone out there with a similar experience? What is the best way to lose all of the baby weight? 

  • Oh my goodness - I have a lot of empathy for you in this area! I only have one boy but I have 10 plus pounds that have not come off two years later. I have finally come to the conclusion that my metabolism is really on the down-turn compared to when I was younger and I absolutely have to make time to exercise several times a week. I do run around after my boy but I have to admit my heart rate doesn't get up there like it does when I do cardiac exercise. I'm seeing the scale inch down a bit now that I've started...hope this helps!
  • Ladies, gosh how frustrating!  From a metabolic standpoint the best way to get your metabolic rate up is to build muscle mass.  Muscle burns more calories than fat, and muscle cells take up less space on your body than fat cells.  So, a good weight training type program would be hugely helpful.  That being said, how on earth does one build in time to go to the gym when you've got kids to care for?!  I'm not sure if they have this program where you are from, but here in WA. that is a program called "Curves".  Curves is a ladies fitness club that you go to 3x a week for 30 minutes each time.  It's all all women's program and it's kind of hard to explain, but basically they have a weight circuit set up in a large circle.  You go from weight machine to rest mat, to weight machine, to rest mat until you complete the circuit for 30 minutes.  The whole thing is done to music and it tells you to change stations.  The music is very upbeat and I found that the women (other participants)  there were all very friendly and social.  They had someone moderating it at all times and so if you aren't sure how to use a weight set they help you.  Some women set up curves dates with their friends and meet there to exercise.  There is some good social time built right in!  I did the program for about a year and overall liked it.  They will measure you if you want to set weight and measurement goals.  H/e I think the most important thing to see is if you are feeling better and your clothes are fitting better.  So that is one idea.  I have also heard a lot of positive things about zumba.  I have no idea what it is but have friends that really like it.  The other way to build in exercise is packing the kids off and going to a paved walking trails or that type of area and having older kids on bikes or rollerblades, younger in good stroller and you on your feet.  Those are my thoughts.  I sure feel your pain!  Let me know if you try any of the stuff I suggested, I'm just curious what your thoughts are.

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  • Thanks Ladies! Just knowing I am not the only one who struggles with this is comforting. I started taking a spin class at my gym and loved it, but got tendinitis in both my wrists so I had to stop! UGH! I am still nursing these wrists back to health, but I need to try some of the other classes at my gym and stop making excuses. Sadly, winter is it is all too easy to curl up on the couch with a hot coffee and sweatpants!!!


  • Love the spinning class!  Classes are helpful often just by the fact that they are social, and well we all know that as ladies most of us like to chat!  I want to hear if anyone has done Zumba!?  I've heard good things, but not sure if it's my thing.....

    -Keep up the good work gals!