• I was just reading the single moms post. About all the dads that seem to leave when they find out that the mom is pregnant. It is a sad thing that it happens. But I truely feel blessed that my husband is staying around and is very happy about the baby. He goes out all the time and buys little things for the baby. even some of the stuff is for 2 yrs old, but its the thought that counts. I think he is more worried about me leaving with the baby than me worried about him leaving. See he already has a daughter but the mom doesnt allow him to see her. Even though he pays her $300 a month in child support. He tried calling but she just doesnt answer. Plus tell she tell his daughter that he doesnt love her. Its sad  but the truth. So I know he not gonna just up and leave and never come to see the baby. If we dont work out I know that he will still be there for the baby. Not everyone has that type of husband or boyfriend in there life so i just thank god for him.

  • It's great peace of mind to have a partner that is dedicated to his or her family. I too feel blessed for all that my wife has sacrificed for our family. Thanks for sharing your feelings!

  • It is a true blessing, indeed, to find someone dedicated to their family. My husband has been a joy to watch with our son and loves him deeply. Make sure to keep telling your husband how much you appreciate him and when you notice him doing something thoughtful, point it out and thank him for it. It goes a long way and I often forget to let my husband know I appreciate him. Great post! :-)

  • I just feel that dads need some recongtion too. My husband is a great dad and loving husband. As well he went out yesterday he went out  and bought me some roses just because. then bought the baby a remote control car and a basket ball hope. I think he just so happy he gets to have a son to play with all the time.

  • Awww - what a great guy! So sweet - you are blessed indeed!