Single and Pregnant

  • Hi, I am looking for some support from other single moms.  I am 3 months pregnant and my boyfriend walked out on my a week after I told him the news.  I am happy about the pregnancy but I am having so much anger towards him.  I would love some advice from other single parents on tips for being alone and raising a baby.  And being alone and pregnant.  I truly feel this is a blessing.

  • iheartbruiser,

    I want to start by welcoming you to strongmoms.  I'm so glad that you found our webboard, it sounds like a good fit for what you are needing.  We do have a lot of single moms and mom's to be that post on the boards offering support, encouragement and answering questions.  

    I think that you have taken one of the best steps that you can make in figuring out how to not be alone and get support in that you found our site and asked for support.  I want to encourage you to take a look around.  If you are seeing posts that you can relate to reach out and post on those.  Soon you will have lots of support.

    Do keep us posted on how things are going, I am looking forward to getting to know you and your baby to be better!


  • YOu should take that feeling and run with it!!Atleast hes out of your life now than giving you more years of crap!

  • iheartbruiser - welcome to StrongMoms! You sound like you are going to be one of those yourself! I think you have such a great attitude and will go far. It sounds like your ex really has a lot of growing up to do and is not going to be the support that you need. You'll need to build your support network in other ways. Take the time to line up people for meals after the baby comes, someone to be with you during labor (doulas are fabulous), and people to help with semi-regular babysitting after the baby comes. Make sure you research your day cares in the area for one that you feel really comfortable with for when you go back to work. Also, figure out what relaxes you and makes your stress level come down and take the time to enjoy those activities. Your baby will need you more than ever and that means he/she will need you to take care of yourself especially! SO glad you found your way here and I'm looking forward to getting to know you more!

  • My advice is to stay as busy as possible. Keeping busy will definitely make your days go by faster.