New mommy and new to the site-friends please

  • Hi, my name is Rose and I am a new mommy after 9 loooong years of trying. Looking for any advice, new friends who understand all the mommy things since some of my friends are either still single, or they don't want or have kids.

  • Hi Rose-

    I want to be the first one to welcome you to strongmoms!  I'm so glad that you found our site as it sounds like we can meet the needs that you have expressed in your first post.  You will find that this is a great place to get advice, post questions, get support and as time goes by be the one to answer the questions and give the support!  

    I'm so excited that you are finally having that baby that you have waiting so long for.  Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?  How far along are you?

    I understand what you mean in talking about not having friends that understand you.  My best friends lives on the other side of the country and she has two llittle girls.  She has expressed to me a lot of lonliness.  She really found that once she got her babies into play groups that helped a lot.  Her oldest is 3 and just started pre-school and i think she has felt a good community with the other moms there.  I know that is a few years away for you, but my point is that you will be able to find community as your baby grows with other mom's in your area.

    Please feel more than free to come here whenever you are needing some support, I think you will find this community very welcoming and friendly!

    Take care,


  • Rose-Oh gosh, I am just looking at your post again and I think I wrote something in my first post asking if you knew if it was a boy or girl, i ws rereading your post just now and realize that the baby must be the adorable on in the yellow as your profile pic.  So sorry I mis-read!  So, do share some with us about the baby too!  How old, ect. 

    Sorry!  Jess