Breaking Out of Your Rut! Share Your Stories and Inspire Us All!

  • My husband and I decided to do something different last spring, so we joined a co-ed softball league. Even though neither one of us knew how to play softball, we thought it would be fun to try something new. In the process we had a blast, made some new friends, and it has really sparked our life. Have you done something similar? What new things have you done lately to break out of your rut?

  • We did a similar thing this winter and joined a casual bowling league... it was mostly just a time when we were scheduled to do something together without our kids, which is very challenging! Thus far, it has worked out great!

  • My husband and I put our oldest son in flag football last year. How has this helped us you may ask. We found  a new group of friends who have alot of things in common us. We  have since almost done everything together since this summer. Has adults its hard to meet new friends. We do things has one big group sometimes just the wives and the husbands get together and watch the kids or us ladies have the kids and our husbands go and have fun. We use football sunday to have a big "family dinner" we let the kids play have great food and conversation. 

  • Those sound like great ideas. It is really hard to get time to do fun things with all of the family or even just by yourselves, but it is worth it!