How about giving some DADs some respect

  • Im a little upset that the whole website is geared to women. I am a Dad that has a wife that could care less about websites like this. So I need to step up to the plate and handle all of the coupons and other offers that other MOMS get.......All I ask is a little props for the DADS.....How about strong DADS.....

  • There are plenty of women out there that could care less about this stuff that is true. Good for you for doing something!

  • Yeah, I agree.  I'm a mom,  but even so, I find that a lot of the parenting stuff in general is geared excessively to moms (I'm thinking here about stuff like Parenting magazine which is bad for that) and it has bothered me for awhile.  I know if I were a Dad, I would find that hard too.  I am glad that tonyrome is speaking out about this.  Tonyrome, there are some other Dads that write on this site, hopefully we can hear from one of them soon.  I think it's great you are standing up and speaking out, your kid is lucky to have you as a Dad.

  • I think the Dads would like a site. :)
    At least I would.

  • It's great that you are so involved trying to provide for and become educated about your child. In our household, my wife and I share many of the aspects of parenting, but when it comes to message boards and the like, it's all Dad! Being a caring father, I'm sure that it can be frustrating, but it has been my experience that Dads are getting more and more respect as primary caregivers. I'm sure that the recent economic downturn has also forced many families to re-define the roles of parenting and I'm sure some laid-off fathers have become the primary caregivers for their children.

    The StrongMoms site seems to have about eight or nine moms for every dad, so you can understand why marketing execs gear their information to moms. Try not to get frustrated by this fact! I have found that the Strong Moms site provides information to parents. Beyond some of the specific questions dealing with pregnancy which don't apply to dads, it has been my experience that the parenting issues raised here apply to both moms and dads, and that's what I focus on.

    Aside from the issue of respect, are there any father-specific issues that you need advice or assistance with? We dads need to stick together!

  • I think it's great when fathers want to be involved in raising their children and I support that, but I do agree with AnswerDad.  When there are so many more moms that visit a site or buy a magazine, of course the content is going to be geared toward the main consumer of that product...the mom.  My fiance is interested in parenting issues, but he has never logged onto a message board to ask advice.  Most of the info he gains he gets from Internet research, books, or family and friends.  He does read my parenting magazines from time to time, but not enough to get him his own copy.

    As far as this site goes, they might call it StrongMoms, but I think that they make an effort to include dads as well.  That's why they have a category called "Moms & Dads"  Maybe in the future, as more fathers become more involved with raising their children, there will be a site for StrongParents.  The concept of parenting has changed a lot in the past few decades and if this trend continues then I think that there will be much more equality.

    With all of that said, there are plenty of people that respect dads that actually step up.  I am one of those people.  I have a 4 year old whose "father" has not seen her since she was 1.  She's very lucky (although she doesn't realize it) because my fiance has stepped up and decided to treat her as one of his own.  I'm also very lucky because he has been supportive and helpful throughout my pregnancy.  He's even gone to every single OB appointment with me.  I've also known dads that gain custody of their children and dads that just plain enjoy spending time with their kids.  I think it's great that things are changing in this way. 

    I grew up with a dad whose primary priority was providing (monetary) for the household.  He never really knew how to interact with his kids and that made it hard for us to respect him.  I think that the greatest respect that today's generation of fathers will get will come from their own children.  They may not understand everything that you're doing for them now, but one day they will and I'm sure that they'll appreciate all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that you put in.

    Happy Father's Day  (I know it's early) to all the hard-working dads!Smile

  • I totally agree with jnjfischer, in that the only people that you really need to have respect you for all you do as a father is from your children. The care and interest you show as a Dad will be returned ten-fold, as your children grown up to reflect the love and support they have been given.


  • I concur sir! Hence my choosen name for this site...  ;) Dads Rock too ya know!

  • Tonyrome, I'm sure you are an excellent father and husband.  Please be sure that every mom on this website is giving you major respect for what you are doing.  My husband is the main caregiver right now while he looks for employment and I work full-time.  It's a blessing right now because we don't have to worry about daycare.  He is the first one I turn to when I'm concerned about something about our daughter because he was more around infants than I was growing up.  He has been there from day one and I don't know what my daughter or I would go through if he wasn't there in our lives.  It's not always easy, but she is worth every struggle and worry.  Keep on keeping on!

  • I think that would be an awesome idea and I know that my husband would definitely go to the site.  I also think that it is wonderful that you are an involved dad and want more information on how to be the best dad possible to your child.  Good for you!!!!

  • I think its awesome when a dad wants to be involved. my husband was in the delivery room the whole time and will change diapers and anything else that needs to be done. so to all you guys out there that help with the kids and support your wife in the delivery room here is a huge round of applause and a big thank you. Keep it up

  • Hi Tony,

    I was reading your post. I love it. I am a sales rep for Similac. My wife and I just found out that we are expecting our first child and I am learning a lot about what expecting parents are experiencing. My wife is like yours. She doesn't spend much time on websites, but I do. I am going to make the suggestion to my company, (and credit you of course.) Good luck to you and your wife. You will see me on the message boards more often now that we are going to have a little one.


  • You go!!! We we need more strong dads out there... gotta give ya 5 kudos for that one Drinks

  • Give the man a cigar!!

    Bout time one of us had the "testicular fortitude" to step up.