NEW to the Site, Hello! 4.5 mnth old baby boy

  • Hi everyone, im new here and i have a 4.5 month old boy, he is precious, and i work full time and so does my husband. i bring him to work where my mom takes him to babysit till late evening. my husband doesnt want her to watch the baby and wants only me or him to watch him... that is impossible for me unless i quit my job or he does because he works almost the same time that i do, but he works grave yard. its a bit frustrating that he thinks that i can do all everything ' the baby and work' at the same time just because i work for the fam business, but its getting hard because customers come in and its unprofessional to greet a customer with a baby in hands... anyone help please, let me know what i can do to get my husband to understand that i cant do everything at once.

  • I want to start by welcoming you to the site.  I hope that you will take some time to explore the site as there are lots of great places to post and to learn from.

    It sounds like you are under a lot of pressure to keep everyone happy-and your husband primarily.  I want to encourage you to site down with your husband and have a very honest talk with him about how you are feeling.  Often in using "i" statements (I feel ____ ) it's hard for the other person to argue, bc those are your feelings.  I think that most things in life can get straightened out with good communication-but it is hard.

    Hang in there and let us know how things are going.


  • Thank you for your advice Jess. I have talked to him last night but now he also found a new reason to be upset with me. Background story: Married at 18, lived at his parents house for 6 months, made him move out, lived in our own rent for a 1 year and he made me move back to his parents house, and dont get me wrong i never wanted to move in, in the 1st place i dont like living with parents, its complicated with them, he also in the 1st week of moving in, his dad got assault charges for hitting his wife and i kept it to myself when i leave the house, my job is a family job (my parents) his dad came by and told my parents himself, and then went back to the house and told my husband that i told them beforehand. so now i am more irritated because he is believing his dad than his wife, i told him how i feel, but he always answers back "but, my dad said that your mom said" its frustrating so i stopped talking to him so that i wont say anything back that i would regret. As for my son, we figured out a schedule/deal that gives my husband more hours to look after him.

    So in short, i am going to go and straighten things out with my fatherinlaw today. i want to clear things for things i didnt do. and get a couple answers.