The first couple weeks!!

  • I'm a new mom of a baby boy who just turn 3wks old... problem is-I have no one to talk to...

    I don't feel like eating much of anything.. My stress level is out the roof... I have no time to rest but even if I did I'd get yelled at for it cause the chores didn't get done, I was encouraged to rest or nap but when I did I got yelled at over it.. I'm tired of it all... I get to sleep from 1:30ish am--to 4:30ish am no more but sometimes less.. I am exhausted but my son comes first I'm breastfeeding which is really nice...But alot of times I find myself drifting off to sleep when I try to feed... why do men have to be so hard on new moms?? just cause they've had 4 kids and are experenced doesn't mean I want to raise my kids like his were... My Son will be somebody one day--just like me and my family.. we are somebody we are known for helping everything comeing and going and we are known for our smiling faces... but I haven't been smiling much lately and it's really not me to always be depressed but I'm tired of getting yelled at....

  • congratulations on being a new mommy!

    i know the feeling... But dont worry, it will be easier soon. Try telling the person who keeps yelling at you to try to understand where u are coming from, (he?) didnt have a "Basketball"(metaphor) coming out of him. every kid is raised differently, and you are right its your baby and you should raise him the way you see fit. when i breastfed my son i also drifted off to sleep, be careful, it might be dangerous because the baby can suffacate itself just by your boob.. so i tried to wake myself up, but then i just switched to formula because i also went back to work at week 2 (my husband made me). Try taking walks to take the stress level down even with the baby but make sure he is well fed and all warm and cuddled up. Ask the (him?) to help u out around the house even just a little bit, tell him how you feel.

    I really hope my advice helps u. Good Luck. Let us know how everything goes.


  • Sounds like you are more than stressed out and up against a lot right now. Talk to your doctor and make sure you don't have some type of post partum depression setting in. It is very common and something you need to get a good handle on quickly. As far as the person "yelling" at you, you need to sit them down and have a long talk. Explain how tired you are and how difficult it is and ask for their understanding. If they continue to yell or berate you, then you have to put your foot down and not let anyone treat you disrespectfully. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are loving and supportive. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!