Looking for mom friends!

  • Is anyone a stay-at-home mom and need some chatter? I know I do!! I have a facebook as well as a yahoo and have time due to my wonderfully content little one! Also, anyone near Sierra Vista, AZ?

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! I'm glad you found us here! There are some really great conversations going on right now, so jump on in and give us some of your mom-tested advice! We'd love to hear from you.

  • welcome!!!!!!!!! i don't have a face, but we can still have some nice conversations, im not in AZ, i live in TX.

  • Thanks. :) Not a problem, I like having people to talk to just as much! :)

  • im a stay at home mom too and i do have fb i can lwats use someone to chat with i have my daughter plus i watch my friends son so sometimes i could use getting on the comp during there naps 

  • Sounds good to me! My name is Alyssa Fogarty on fb if you want to look me up! Another little one, and a boy at that? That sounds like a hand full!!

  • my facebook name is Alicia Sibblis..if any of you ladies woulld like to add me, that would be great!!!