Stocking your freezer

  • One great idea that I wish I had known about when pregnant with my son is to stock your freezer full of meals that you can easily heat up for dinner when your new baby arrives. A couple of months before my daughter was born I started cooking double the amount of food at dinnertime and then freezing half. I also froze leftovers, so I would have easy meals for lunch when my husband was away. I froze everything from manicotti to cookies. Share your ideas for freezer meals. Do you have any other tips for preparing for your baby’s arrival?

  • This is a great idea! For my wife's baby shower, the Maid of Honor asked that each guest bring one frozen homemade entree item. For more than a month after our daughter was born, we had nutritionally balanced ready to eat meals in the freezer whenever we needed them. This was a great help to our family, and we frankly appreciated those meals more than any of the very generous gifts we received.

  • I was mom froze a couple of meals for us when my son was born and BOY did it come in handy! Another option I have heard of is to have friends and family each take a day and bring a dish. Depending on the amount of friends and family you have living near you, you might be able to have a fresh dinner every night for the first 3 weeks! A friend of mine did this and she said it was great. She had friends and family bring dishes each night of the weekday and then they ate leftovers on the weekends! She said she also got some really great recipes out of it that she would have never tried!