After Giving Birth

  • What was the most surprising thing that took you off guard after you baby was born?... for me it was how badly my stomach hurt from pushing. I felt like I had been repeatedly punched in the stomach for days. I knew I would be a bit sore, but my main focus was on how badly my girl parts were going to hurt.. For obvious reasons... Everything else kind of got overlooked. the other surprising thing was breastfeeding. I was constantly hearing from people that it hurt to breastfeed, but I had absolutely no issues with pain.

  • I think it's different things for different people.  I'm anxious to hear what others have to share!  Great topic Brinny!


  • I had a natural birth my son tore me and I had my tubes tied the next day so I say the most surprising was my girl parts hurt the worse.  With my first child it was a breeze but my second nearly killed me

  • Hmm - good question! I think I was surprised by how hard it was for me to sleep at first, even when the baby was sleeping! Every little noise he made or little squeak made me wake up and listen to make sure he was okay. Eventually I was able to tune out the little noises and sleep but it took a while!

  • I was surprised at much nursing hurt at first and how much my anxiety would keep me up at night even though I was sleep deprived. All the adrenaline from giving birth etc...made it impossible to get into a decent sleep pattern for at least a week.