All around Newbie!

  • Hi! Newbie all around here! New to the whole blog thingy(yay?), new to the whole mommy thing(double yay), on a side note also new to couponing (yay). How do you veteran moms balance it all (I'm back to work already)??? aghh!! Somebody should be paying me the big bucks to populate this earth...this is no easy job!

  • arae1988-

    Welcome to Strongmom's!  I think you will find this a very helpful place to get your questions answered, meet new people and get/give support.  Most mom's I know aren't quite sure how they manage it all, just one foot in front of the other!  I hope that you will continue to come to the boards, and I'm sure others will share their experiences with you as well.


  • Congrats on your kiddo! Did you have a boy or girl? How old is he/she? You are right - mommyhood is not for the faint of heart!! Just give yourself grace and time to figure out how to balance things. For quite a while, the balance of things in your house will be really off. You'll spend lots of time with your baby trying to figure out how to get into a good routine and things like housework and some social activities seem to get put on hold. After a while, you just get into a good groove and learn to cut yourself some slack when you don't accomplish everything you set out to do. Hang in there!

    p.s. - couponing is awesome and kind of addictive! :-)


  • Congrats! Parenting is tough, but not as tough as couponing! Parenthood is a tough balancing act and sometimes seems downright impossible. But you quickly will establish a routine and that will help ease the transition. Good luck and welcome aboard!