Soon to be a mommy to baby #3

  • Anyone else in that boat ... I have two lil boys 4 and 2  and its hard to make friends !!

  • k_peguero-

    Two little boys makes for one very busy mommy!  I think that it's hard for adults to make friends in general, and with kids this can def. challenge that!  Have you looked into play groups? Library reading times? Parks? Is your older in preschool?  I know that my best friend felt that once her daughter got into pre-school she could connect with the other parents there.  She was very lonely prior to that though.  I also think that once they get into school and school activities it gets easier.

    Hang in there, and always feel free to come here for support!


  • I'm finding my self in the hard to make new friends boat too. I moved from Indiana to Iowa and only know a couple of people here. They are a nice couple the guy works with my fiance and they have a 6 year old so they know what it's like to have a little one running around and his wife is turning out to be a pretty good friend. Our local community has swimming courses for all ages so i'm considering joining the puddle jumpers class with my little girl in an effort to make more friends with babies around the same age as my daughter. I'd really like her to be able to have a playmate for socialization. maybe you could try something similar.

  • Yeah  the older  one is in school but the parents of the kids theres dont seem to be interseted in anything but themselves, you can say good  morning and its like talking to the wall, you can hold the door open so they can walk through and you get nothing. Its very hard to be nice in a world that at times can be very rude..    

  • I  think im goning to give that a try but my town is very small and to themselves but heres to hopeing!!

  • I have 4.  2 boys and 2 girls and find it very hard to keep friends.  Have lost what i thought were good friends because of the kids.  I understand.

  • yes !!!! I had a best  friend for 10 years after i had my second child she decided she couldnt be my friend anymore because Im married and have kids so we " no longer have anything inn common " ....  it gets a little lonely sometimes just because were moms doesnt mean we dont require adult conversation lolz 

  • That's insane!!! I don't know how anyone can just tell someone they have been really good friends with for several years that they can't be friends anymore because one of the friends have children. That's not a good friend at all. My best friend and i have been like sisters since the 4th grade. She is my one and only real friend. I wish there were more people in the world like her.