Mom of Twins

  • Hello all! i have 3 month old twins, Philomena Bella and Angelina  Rose! anyone out there a mom of multiples and have any advice or tips? Where is everyone from?

  • Hi Jackieamz-

    Welcome to the boards!  I am so glad that you found your way here!  Congrats on your babies, I love the names that you picked out for them,  Those are great.  I do not have twins but have work in the NICU and with kids as a nurse for a long time and have taken care of lots of twins and triplets.  It is  a lot of work but I find that these parents find a good routine and do a great job.  What have you found to be most helpful in regard to their feeding, changing, holding, sleepy time, awake time, ect.  You must have this down to a science at 3 months!

    Can't wait to get to kno you and those babies better. :)


  • thank you :-)

    having twins is a blast! but a lot of work too! they have no issue eating, if its just me or daddy home to feed we put them in their high chairs (infant style) and prop the bottles up with a blanket, that way we can alternate burping etc...if we are both home we each take one. they love their changing table, i'm sure they would sleep on it if they could. even when they are fussing i put them on it to change them and they quiet right down! while they are awake they are rolling around, talking up a storm so they pretty much entertain themselves. sleep time is harder, we usually rock them to sleep/feed them before they sleep