• We are beginning to plan a vacation for our family of five, including three kids under five years old. As always, money is certainly a factor, but we want to do something that is both fun for the kids and also for mom and dad. What was your favorite vacation experience with your family that didn’t require a king’s ransom? -- Chris, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I think anything where there is a beach type scenario is a great way to go. If you can rent a cottage or something like that, there are endless ways to entertain yourself on a beach. Swimming, sand castle building, etc. You can make special trips for ice cream and have some fun picnics to keep meals simple. If you could even get some grandparents to go with you, you might be able to sneak away for some couple time and adult only meals! :-) 

  • Yes spending time with your family is such a very memorable experience. In which you would share a good bonding and can build a good relationship. For me going out to a very beautiful scenery, going to the beach and taking a lot of pictures makes our family happy and enjoy. 

  • My friend just did a "Staycation" with her family that sounded awesome especially with young kids. They stayed at home all week, but did vacation type stuff during the day. They went out to eat at several fun kid restaurants in the city that they wanted to try, went to the zoo one day, the aquarium one day, even drove a few hours for the day to go to Six Flags, went on a hiking and rafting excursion one day, etc... they had a blast and got to avoid spending so much money on hotels, flights, and dining out! 

  • MommyRN4, thats kinda different but sounds nice.  

  • Depends on what type of things your family likes to do. Road trips to the big zoos and aquariums are a favorite in our house. Depending on where you live, an overnighter at a campground, waterpark lodge or theme park is always a winner. We're skipping a vacation this year to save up for our next trip to Disney, but I'm sure we'll manage to sneak away to the zoo or fish hatchery in the summer.

  • If you really like going to zoos and museums you should check with the ticket office to see if they have year passes. When i was little my moms was BROKE and one of the ways that she was able to take us out to do fun things was taking us to the zoo and museum throughout the year. I'm not sure what ticket prices would be now, but when i was little it was about $150 for a year long family pass which covered 2 adults and 3 children. Anyhow if there is still something like that available it would be ideal to invest in it as something you can take your children to do when money is tight... or take them as often as they want to go.