Tragedy in Connecticut

  • I know this is not the typical post on these boards, but I have learned today about the mass shooting at an elementary school where several deaths have been reported. I pray that all of you are holding your children tight tonight and have not been affected by the disgusting act carried out early this morning. My prayers go out to those parents and families that have lost their precious little ones.... Anyway i just wanted to touch the subject and send out some much needed love and prayers for those affected. 

  • Yes Brinny, you are absolutely right. As mothers, we are all touched by such horrific incidents across the country. I wept yesterday when I heard the news, as did many of you I am sure. I will keep the children and their families in my prayers--they have a difficult road ahead of them as they try to piece together their lives and try to make sense of something so horrible. If anyone here on the message boards is struggling or affected by the Connecticut tragedy, please reach out to us---we are all here to support you.

  • Well said ladies. Hard to make sense of this tragedy... I got home Friday as my oldest was coming home from kindergarten and I squeezed her tight then had to go to another room to break down for a few minutes. Always remember the best things in life aren't things.

  • Brinny, thank you for bringing this to the boards, as I don't think it is far from any of our minds.  As MommyRN and Answerdad reflected we are all here to support one another.  Sending out gentle hugs to all who need one tonight.