Mood Swings for dad??? Or is it just me?

  • Ever since i have been pregnant it seems to me like my husband has had way more mood swings than me!  I have read in books that some dads are sensitive to the mother of their child and so therefore experience morning sickness and other things just like the mom does!  I never thought i would have to deal with my partner blowing up in my face whenever he thinks i'm doing something wrong: for example today i told him that i was going to attend my friends graduation tomorrow and he totally flipped out! Literally i was thinking...."what the heck is his problem? It's just a graduation!?!" Is it just me or have any other moms experienced this too? Sometimes dads are just as bad!!!

  • Maybe your husband is just experiencing some stress and anxiety over your pregnancy.  There's nothing wrong with it, I really think that they all go through it.  I mean, their lives are about to totally change forever, they have no control over it and many have no idea what to expect.  That being said, it's not healthy for your relationship if he "flips out" on you for something like that.  He really needs to find a healthier outlet for some of his energy.  Maybe you should suggest that he spend a day doing something that he wants to do.  Working out, playing video games, golfing, whatever he enjoys doing would give him a chance to vent some of that energy.  Good luck, I hope that things get better!

  • All parents agree that having a baby is the most joyous event of their lives. Most would also agree that it is the most stressful. As with any aspect of your relationship, communication is really the key to success. As a father, I know that my wife's pregnancy both thrilled me and terrified me at the same time. Fatherhood was a dream of mine, yet I was in a very comfortable place in my life and marriage and worried about the new family dynamic. I don't remember flipping out at all, but would become easily frustrated sometimes over relatively unimportant things.

    It sounds like your husband is having a hard time with all the impending changes. My advice is to sit down over a nice dinner and try to talk with him about it. Let him know it's not acceptable for him to "flip out" but at the same time, let him explain to you why he felt this was such a problem. Hopefully, you can uncover the underlying issue that made him so angry.

    At the same time, make him understand that you are just as stressed and just as scared as he is, and that he needs to be in your corner. The two of you are going on this wild ride together and you need to be as supportive of each other as possible. Make a promise to each other to try to maintain a level head, and if either of you are feeling upset, agree that there needs to be communication to try to solve the problem together. In my world, flipping out rarely leads to less stress, it's usually quite the opposite.

    Hope this helps!

  • I am a new Father, and I went through the same thing, really bad! It is too true. When my wife was pregnant, and still sometimes now at 5 weeks after, I have had my "episodes." Around the time that she got pregnant I went through a severe bout of depression, I had feelings of self-doubt, emotional-physical weakness, guilt, of being a failure, I lied to her about stupid little things... the list goes on. But the worst thing was that I was so confused about what was going on with me that I took all of these feelings out on my Wife. It was horrible. I got help and we're doing a lot better. I came to realize that regardless of how I am feeling I need to tell her what I am feeling! She did everything that she could to "snap" me out of it, reassurance, bringing things to my attention... SEVERAL TIMES OVER, I know that she felt (feels) like a broken record because she repeats herself more times that she cares to just to get through to me. Honestly it may have been easier for her to hit me over the head with something heavy and blunt! :). She has stuck with me through all of it, and I couldn't love her more. It was just a very painful time for me. Long story short, yes Guys go through the some hormonal crap too. It's not as bad as Moms-to-be be in my case I freaked-out because I didn't understand what was happening to me, I lashed out at everything, cried about everything... it sucked! But I am better! Just make sure that he talks to you! - Good Luck.