Stay at home dad struggles

  • My husband stays home with the kids while I work evening shift as an RN. He is dealing with my baby who would much rather nurse than take a bottle. The baby tends to scream and cry at bedtime until I get home. Once I nurse him, he is out within a minute. Any ideas on how to help my poor husband?? – Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • what kind of bottles have you tried using? maybe he just doesn't like the nipple on it and would prefer one that is more breast like. i would suggest first trying to change up the bottle/ nipple if you haven't already. also have you ever tried feeding him with the bottle instead of breast feeding? the theory behind this is if he takes the bottle from you just fine then it could be an i want mommy issue and not a bottle issue. either way, if you cant be there, then they might just be out of luck.

  • Mine did the same thing and it just worked itself out eventually. I think my son learned to take a couple of ounces to tie him over til mommy got home....and then he just nursed a ton. Hope it gets easier!

  • It's not so much the bottle itself, I don't think. He'll eat from the bottle when he wants to. I think it's a matter of just wanting mommy. Also, once I figured out he is sensitive to dairy and soy and eliminated them from my diet, he is a happier baby. I guess we will just survive until he grows out of this! :-p