new baby, new mom, new life

  • hi all! Im new to the site and motherhood. i just had my precious baby girl 2 weeks ago tomorrow. i was 38 weeks exactly when i had her. My doc induced early due to complications i had earlier in the pregnancy that weekend the placenta and made it so she wasnt getting all the nutrition she needed to grow. she was 4 lbs 3oz and spent 4 days in the nicu due to her size to ensure she was eating and gaining wheight properly. she didn't tollerate labor at all and her heart rate was only in the low 80's during a contraction and it wouldnt come back up like they wanted it to so they ended up going ahead with a c-section and she was delivered at 1:35pm thursday april 4th. thankfully she is happy and healthy and just the perfect baby. a first time mother couldnt ask for a better baby. she hardly ever cries unless shes hungery or just wants to be held. me and my husband couldnt be happier. We had just gotten married 3 weeks b4 finding out we were expecting so kind of a suprise but a great one at that. love her so much and all the pai. of labor (even as hard of labor as i had) and the c-section would never make her not worth it!

  • Your kiddo made quite an entry to the world. :)  I am so glad that she did so well and is now home happy with you and dad.  I can tell that you are just loving having her in your life.  I'm so glad that you found your way to Strongmoms.  I think you will find this a friendly and informative group.  Looking forward to getting to know you better.