Having a Life

  • I love my daughter to death, and don't do much other than stay at home with her (SAHM). My boyfriend (her father) loves to do things, so do I, but I can't really think of things to do that we can do with our 6 month old. I understand there probably isn't much we can all three do together, but maybe things were there's a baby area and an adultish area, so we can switch off duties.

    We don't do much, because neither of us want to leave her with a babysitter. I've only ever left her with my Grandma for a couple hours at a time, but she lives damn near and hour away from us now.

    *So I suppose maybe if anyone has any ideas of good sites to find good quality babysitters, or activities we can do with our 6 month old.

  • Now that the weather is getting nicer maybe it will be easier to find things to do out of the house.  What about packing dinner and going out for a picnic?  Going to the park?  A trip to the Zoo?  A lot of friends enjoy taking their kids to the play areas at malls.  Esp. this time of year going to outside malls.  Even just going for a walk around the neighborhood in the evening can be nice.


  • OH GOD! I've wanted to go to the zoo for the past 2 years, Chris said we're going for sure this year. (: I try asking him to go to the park, and he's allergic to walking lol he's a runner ): sadly I've tried offering, thank you for the suggestions lol

    Idk if I want to try and do the mall thing, I'm afraid she'll get sick. I know she'll eventually have to, but not sure I want to expose her right now. We've been trying to make it to the Wisconsin Dells, or Grand Harbor those are near us. Thank you again (: