Splitting Up the Chores

  • My sister and her husband like to do their chores together. They go shopping, do laundry together, and even clean the kitchen together. While this sounds nice, my husband and I have 5 children and are often forced to split up in order to get things done. We divide the chores in half and then divide and conquer. How do you get the housework done with your husband? Do you do the lion's share or is it equal? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Its nice you are able to split the chores... in our house my fiance makes all the money and I do everything else. It doesn't seem really fair until you see the kind of work he does and the amount of hours he works to provide for our family. Honestly I'm happy with our arrangement because when he tries to help me I find that he just gets in my way and messes up the system I have created.

  • Both my husband and i work. I do most of the cleaning and he cooks. It would be nice to get a little more help doing everyday chores. If you find out a solution let me know! Good luck hun!

  • Similar to Michelle, I do the cooking and food shopping, my wife does the cleaning and laundry. I definitely have the better of the situation, but like Brinny, I am not great at cleaning and my wife usually re-cleans after my efforts.

  • There are so many ways to encourage your better half to help with the chores. When it comes to laundry we have TONS (with 5 kids). My husband is responsible for putting the clothes in the washer and dryer. I fold and pick up. That way it is not all one person's burden. When it comes to the kitchen, we are usually a team doing it together, unless one of us is bathing the kids...then the other one cleans the kitchen.

  • I have my own ideology behind chores. Recently I got fat and my belly gives a bad pose hence I decided to join gym but before joining I thought instead of join gym I would be better to burn fat by doing chores like cooking kitchen cleaning, moping etc. I have  lost 10 kg in 20 days.

    This is incredible for my wife.

  • I totally get using chores as a way to get some exercise.... This is half the reason why I mow the lawn and take care of all the yard work and my fiance doesn't. The other half of the reason is it gives me a chance to not be MOMMY for a couple of hours and just be Brin doing what i do and listening to my music like i did before mommy-hood. Anyway if you want a great way to burn calories doing chores grab out your scrub brush and give the shower and tub (s) in your house a good scrub down. That workout will knock you flat on your butt! The Oven is a good one too.

  • I so applaud the positive way you are able to tackle the aspects of life Brinny!  GO girl! :)


  • Its true! If we did the chores vigorously, not only would we get a good workout, but our houses would be sparkling...I try to cut the grass from time to time, it is an awesome workout!

  • I know a GREAT way to keep your house clean.....DON'T LIVE WITH A MAN!

  • Lol, yes-the 2nd child?!  


  • Whoa whoa whoa ladies! Please don't forget there are some dads on here and I resemble that remark!