Grandma holding too much

  • My daughter is 7 months now, and sadly we only get to visit Chris' side of the family about once a month for 2-3 days. I don't want to sound mean, and I'm really not trying to be. Chris' grandma hold's Brielle THE WHOLE TIME, I don't mean an hour or two a couple time. I mean we get there and she is holding my daughter until we leave. I barely see her while we're there. I want his family to be a part of her life, but every time we come home, Brielle thinks she needs to be held all the time. I just don't know a polite way to ask her to not hold her as much. She crawls, damn near stands on her own. It's not like she doesn't do things or isn't active.

    I tried last time we were there showing everyone she crawls now, thinking she'd love that Bree can move now and just watch her crawl all over. It didn't change anything. I wouldn't have a big issue with this, but it sets back her milestones. Last time Brielle was crawling and standing using things, but when we came back she barely even crawled around for almost 2 weeks.

    I just need any ideas on what to do. I want to flat out tell her that I don't want her to hold her the whole time, but I also don't want to be mean. I know this is her great grandbaby (not her only one) but most recent. Help please.

  • Oh gosh this sounds like a sensitive subject!  I think that it might help if you let ggrandma know that the baby is now learning to crawl and hopefully soon you have her on a schedule or plan where X times of day she needs to spend on developing these skills.  Then give ggma a job, like-if you sit here and lets see if she will crawl to you, and then back to me-and then back to you.  I think it will go over more smoothly if she has an active role.  

    Let us know how things go,


  • Ah, that's a tough one. It's sweet that you have family that is so in love with your daughter. Hard to say no to Grandma, that's for sure! 

    Can you some how have some excuses for reasons you need to pull her away for periods of time? Why don't you focus on taking her to the park or bring some toys that you throw on a blanket on the floor for play time? At the end of the day, you really can just gently tell her that you need your daughter to have some time where she just moves around and crawls so that life isn't so tough for you when you get back home. Hopefully she will understand! 

  • You should try to nicely explain that holding her is making her wanting to be held all the time and you would like to encourage her to crawl and explore.

  • Thanks you guys, those are really helpful ideas. We haven't visited again yet, I'll tell you guys how it goes when we do.