A Much Needed Glass of Wine PLEASE!

  • I don't think I've had more than 5 hours of uninterupted sleep since before I was pregnant. It seems like I work 8 hours a day at my job then go home and continue to work until I go to sleep. I live in one town, babysitter is 30 minutes away and job is 30 minutes away from the babysitter. So I drive an hour to work, work 8 and a half hours, drive an hour home, then pick up my boyfriend after his 12 hour shift, get home to feed the baby, get something together for us to eat, bathe the baby or myself, pick up around the house maybe do some laundry, get the baby ready for bed and feed her a last bottle before she falls asleep, then I finally get to watch maybe an hour of t.v before I fall asleep. Did I mention my day starts at 5:00 am to drive boyfriend to work, often listening to him rant and rave about how he hates his job all the way there, then come home to get myself and baby ready for the day. We won't get back home until around 7:00pm. I feel bad asking my boyfriend for help because he works 12 plus hours a day and often without a day off. On weekends when I'm off I have to get chores and things done just to get ready for the next week so we can do it all over again. My boyfriend works very hard long days but geez it would be nice if I could just go home and put my feet up sometimes which never happens. It would be nice if he would just refrain from dropping his clothes on the floor and put his dishes in the dishwasher instead of creating more work for me. I will say that he pays for us to pick up dinner and bring home a few times a week saving me from cooking but I just don't feel like I have much breathing room or time to unwind. And then at the end of the day I get blamed for having had to many bills that we have finally paid off (such as medical from having a baby and car repairs) but it's my fault that he can't get ahead financially. I make a decent salarie and pay half of most bills. I have had a bottle of wine in the refrigerator for over a month that each time I think I'll have a glass I run out of time. UGH! 

  • Your schedule sounds much like many other mom's that post here...there just isn't enough time or enough energy to go around!  One thing that might help is to start my scheduling one hour a week (or more if you can figure it out) that is mommy time.  You have to start somewhere to get where you want and it might be possible to find that one hour.  Then build on that once you get that worked in.