New to the site

  • I need new mommy friends!  Add me :-)  I would love to meet and exchange advice/tips!!Smile

  • I just sent you a request and i would love to piggy-back off of this!! i would love to have some new friends too and especially with some boys! all i have/know have girls!!  and it really is different sometimes!  this is really a great site and the support is amazing!!

  • Glad you guys are enjoying the site. I have 5 small children and would love to help answer any of your 'mommy' questions or just be there for support. How many children do you each have? Ages? Welcome to Strong Moms! 

  • Welcome to all!  Please feel free to add me, happy to have new friends!


  • Christa - I'd love to be friends! Always looking for mommy friends - you can't have enough people around for support when you're raising kids. Hope you are doing well! Tell us about you!!

  • MommyLars - I'm in the same boat as you. All my friends had little girls and it really is a different experience sometimes raising boys and girls! My oldest is now almost 4 and it is getting REALLY different - I have two boys so I'd be happy to chat about all things related to boys! Hahah - hope you are having a good day!