Date nights that don't cost money – share your ideas!

  • What are some fun date nights that don't cost a lot of money? My husband and I want to get out more, but sometimes it isn't easy to do on our budget. ~Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Great question! For us, if we are lucky enough to have a family member take care of our growing clan, we simply order Chinese food and watch a movie. Sadly, we both tend to fall asleep very early on home date night! Just the silence and lack of responsibility is a natural sleep aid! Getting out of the house is always a little more expensive. One thing we do is ask for gift certificates to our favorite restaurants and movie theaters and we revel in the fact that we can sometimes get out without spending a nickel! Sometimes, our friends and family add voluntary babysitting as part of their gifts. Lastly, we live in close proximity to Atlantic City which always has special deals, so sometimes we take a day off mid-week and do an overnight and can get away for the day with a decent dinner for about $100.

  • Those are some great suggestions AnswerDad!  Makes me thinks of a lot of the online coupons these days for hotels and restaurants.  Sometimes they even have combos where you get a discounted weekend away with a credit to the restaurant at the hotel.  These are things worth looking in to!


  • I love watching movies, let's rent a redbox dvd, buy some Rico's cheese (the best nacho cheese in the world) and some chilly to make some yummy Frito Pie.

  • I am trying to find ways to use things we already have in order to have fun together. We have a nice TV downstairs with surround sound, so now we have "date nights" after the kids go to bed and pop popcorn and watch movies there. It is just as nice as the movie theater really!

  • Groupons and other online deals are great for finding date night, 2 for 1 specials, etc. The point is, as long as you are making the effort to find some alone time with your significant other, the location really doesn't matter. Money should not be an obstacle!

  • They also have these "painting and wine" nights now…has anyone done this. You go to a restaurant and have appetizers and wine while you paint a painting with a group. We are going to possibly try that! 


  • Been wanting to try that! Wonder if I can get my husband to do that... ;-)