Making Time for US—Why is it so Hard?

  • I know that it is important to make time for my husband, yet it seems to be so hard to do. Planning a date night is great, but something usually comes up for the kids and we end up canceling. How do you make time for your marriage? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • Ugh - it's really hard! I think sometimes at the end of the day I'm too tired to even think about getting a bit dressed up and going out! I think one way you can still make time for each other is to even make evenings at your house special. Put the kids to bed a little early and save your dinner for that time. Set the table nicely and put on some music, have a glass of wine, and just eat in peace. That can be a great time for conversation - rent a movie, make some popcorn, etc. There are tons of ways to have a special evening even if you don't make it an official date out of the house.

  • is the getting dressed up, primping, and then going out. It all sound so exhausting and I usually just want to relax and go to bed! LOL!