Work from home

  • I am am expecting in May and a mother of a 2 year old right now. I have been searching for some legitimate work from home jobs, because I would love to be able to stay home with my children after my baby is born.  Has anyone come across anything legitimate?  Thanks.

  • I did transcription for a while.  There are several companies that will allow you to transcribe for them from your home after just a test transcription.

  • I tend to be suspicious of any ad that says "work from home" unless it's in an industry where I know that this is a common practice. For example, I'm a writer and I work in a lot of different areas. I know that when I look at Craigslist for new clients in the sections that pertain to my expertise that "telecommuting OK" or "work from home" is usually above-board. That said, I'm still very careful about what offers to accept and research the company I'm dealing with before making any decisions. I think if you look on the Web and ask around about the company, you'll get a good idea if working at home for them would be a legitimate option (for legitimate work).

  • I have a few different work from home jobs. The best place to look is They offer telecommute job listings that are all legit. There is also a work at home mom message board that has tons of info. There is always someone hiring for telecommute.

  • Depending on your qualifications and background there is usually some work to be found from home. Also if you're already working somewhere you should speak with your boss about whether or not there is an option for you to work remotely (i.e. you work most/all days from home and come in to your physical office on an as-needed basis).

  • Strongdad has a good point. Check with your current employer and see what you can do from home. If you decide to get into transcription like rhokayysmart suggested, go ahead and start sending resumes to every company you can find because it takes many months to get a reply sometimes. You can find out more about that field at There is a forum with tons of info for newbies.