trying to clean house

  • Hi there I just had my first baby in September. He is almost 4 months old. I need some suggestions about what I can do when I need to clean my house. Whenever my husband and I need to clean the house we have to put him down. We either put him in his swing or we let him play with his gym. But he just cries and cries until someone picks him up. I need so help on what I can do so that we are able to clean the house with him wake and while he is sleeping. If you can help that would be great thanks.


  • Take turns! When we need to clean the house that's exactly what we do. My wife will vacuum while I play with my daughter in the other room. I will clean the dishes while she gives her a bath. We take turns keeping her busy with other tasks while one of us does cleaning. This way neither of of us is cleaning the entire house by ourselves, nor are we watching her by ourselves. It's great for helping to split everything up.

    We also try to get her involved, we've taught her how to move laundry from the basket to the washer and the washer to the dryer (she does it with us so she'll move one piece at a time while we're shoveling the rest of the load in). She also loves to run little things to the trash and throw them away so we'll hand her safe trash and tell her "go throw this away" as often as we can. It helps us and it lets her feel like she's a part of what we are doing. Big Smile

  • Totally agree with Strong Dad. We take turns here, too. My husband tackles the kitchen while I'm with the baby and then he takes her upstairs when I have to vaccuum. Now that she's older, Jordan can help with some other chores, like moving the laundry around, unloading the spoons from the dishwasher, even picking up toys.

    I think it's important for babies to get used to the routines and noise that go with being a member of the household. But you can definitely make it easier on them.

  • Taking turns works well. You can also do some of it while carrying him in a carrier of some sort (sling or otherwise). Just be sure he isn't involved when you are using dangerous chemicals. I would also take my children in their bouncy seat from room to room and let them watch me do each chore.

  • my daughter loved to sit upright from day one so i would put her in her highchair and lean it back till she could hold herself up and take her with me from room to room, now that shes oldenough to play with toys i will give her some toys aor some gerber puffs she can't eat them herself yet but she has learned that if she throws them on the floor the dogs come to eat them and she loves the dogs, at about 4 months we bought her a bouncer and that helped a lot it gave her toys to playwith that she couldn't throgh and the ability to be upright, hope this helps

  • I am laughing at your daughter feeding the dogs puffs. That is too cute! I also sit my daughter in the highchair and occupy her with random things. I will hand her measuring cups, wire whisk, and whatever else she can explore until she gets bored.

  • I love the dogs trick - my daughter trys a similar game except we (her mother and I) get to pick up everything she throws down. The highchair idea is a great one, I love the idea of being able to move her around from room to room if I'm cleaning solo - it keeps her in one safe spot and happy, the best of both worlds! They also make walkers that are great for when they get bigger, they can walk themselves around following you but it puts a nice buffer between them and reaching anything you wouldn't want them touching when you aren't looking.

  • I was in the same boat and unfortunately my ex would never help with anything when he was home, so I wound up doing it myself.  I did the same thing as the rest of you all the highchair and the bouncer, and the unfortunate part is that for quite a while my son didn't like it at all just cried, but if I stopped and picked him up I couldn't do the dishes that were crawling by themselves.  So yes, taking turns is the ideal suggestion but if it can't be done, you'll really have to let him occupy himself.  Though babies need love and attention, they don't need it 24 hours a day.


    As to the dog comment, wait until real food comes that she doesn't want to eat at dinner, the dog will be eating that too! LOL, Atleast my dog does!