Bonding with your Baby

  • Together mother and child experience numerous events during pregnancy, what she does the baby feels and vice-versa. Although their significant others often bond before the birth as well, that is not always the case. I was one of the Dad’s who didn’t wholly feel the sense of bonding until I first saw my daughter. Seeing her made her somehow more real to me, and though my wife had explained the connection she felt I didn’t understand it until that moment. Was there a bond before the birth or did it come after? How have you continued to foster that bond?

  • To be quite honest, many mothers don't bond with their babies until after they're born. And even then, it's not always instantaneous. With my second pregnancy, I did not really feel a connection with my baby until after she was a few weeks old.

    My husband, on the other hand, seemed to be more bonded to the baby while I was pregnant than I was. From the time we found out I was pregnant, he called her "The Jellybean." Then when she (and I) got bigger, he loved talking to my belly and feeling around to make the baby kick in response. He thought it was the funniest thing when she would kick him in the back when I spooned behind him in bed. They were two peas before she was even born, and even moreso now.