Traveling with our little music makers

  • The holidays are coming to a close and that meant, among other things, traveling. In my case it meant 6-8 hours driving across the state to visit my in-laws. Not a fan of carseats, or really traveling at all, my daughter adds a “delightful” musical score to the drive – you should really hear the sounds she can create. Thankfully she is quelled, somewhat, by having her mother riding in the seat beside her. Add a DVD playing from a rigged up player on the seat in front of her and it is enough to make most of the drive an enjoyable one. All of it if she takes a nap too. When traveling with your child, what methods have you developed to help it go smoothly?

  • I havent really taken my daughter on any vacation yet but one is coming up. We plan on going to arizona in march so this will be our first experience with her. Plus we are going with some of our own families so they will help as well. But did you ever take your daughter on a trip when she was about 11mths old???

    1st time mom,


  • Toys busy things.  I learned from my first that if no one was in the back seat with him, unless sick or hungry (the ONLY time he cried), he played by himself and kept himself amused, right from the beginning.  Once they are a bit older and won't throw their toys on the floor on purpose there are alot of little things that you can keep in a bag or suitcase specifically for road trips, that way it holds their interest as a new toy even though its really not.  Once there are multiple children it gets hectic, mainly because they either start fighting, or one is asleep and the other wants to play or whatever. 

    There are alot of activity books and whatnot also for kids a little older.  From aquadoodle pads to lap-desks for the car for activity books and crayons.  Next time you go out shopping at like a target or walmart, look at all the kids toys not just the age or gender specific ones because alot of things are mixed in.  I know at our target the lap-desk thing is at the end of an aisle thats got all make believe girl toys and outfits in it.  Also check out the checkout lanes of these stores thats where I find alot of my travel sized car objects for the kids.