Food Choices

  • Deciding what food your child has is very personal. As parents we have total control over the food that goes in our children's stomach, making the decision often a reflection of personal beliefs. Some prefer all-natural and/or organic foods, others find regular food to be everything their child wants/needs. What does your child eat? Does it reflect your own dietary habits? How does it differ and why?

  • I have three very fast growing little boys so it's very important to only give them the best all-natural foods.So many children are face with diebetes so young.I would like to keep my boys from going through that if at all possible.My food chioces come from the greatest book around The BIBLE has all the best food that should and shouldn't be eaten.My boys eat friuts,veggies and yogurt everyday.Snacks that  are sugar-free to protect there teeth.Chicken,oxtail,fish,turkey are the meats we eat.The doctor says their healthy

  • With our first daughter (who is now 2 1/2) we were dilligent about making sure she ate healthly food.  Not neccessairly organic, etc. but she ate fruits, veg's, meat - well-balanced meals.  She didn't have any type of sugar until her 1st b-day cake and I don't think she had candy until she was 2.  We still limit her junk food intake significantly. She usually gets 1 no more than 2 watered down juices a day, other than that it's milk or water.  our 2nd daughter is now 5 months .. I hope to be as dilligent.  But I think as she sees her sister who is 2 yrs older eating diferent foods, it's goingto be harder to keep them away.  With #1 if she never had it or saw it, she didn't have anything to desire.  Funny thing though, it didn't take her long to figure out that candy, cake and cookies were things she liked, even if it's something she's never actually had before!  As to the other part of your question ... no, this does not reflect my husbands or my diet, but we do try to be better to set a good example.  But we both drink lots of soda, and love cookies, chips, candy, pizza etc.  We just try not to eat it when the kids are watching!  

  • That is very good! I've known parents who restricted their child's diet early on (excluding certain food groups/types, etc). Because I wasn't the parent I respected their choices, but it often affects their growth and development severely to do so. I am very happy to see you are making sure yours get all the good stuff! Do be careful in excluding sugar too much though, it may have later repercussions in their ability to digest it when they do start eating more of it and more concentrated/refined forms of it.

  • In our house we eat tons of fruit, veggies, and whole grains. I rarely cook fatty dishes or fry anything. My one weakness is Coke and I do not let the children have it. It is my one and only "do as I say and not as I do". :)

    My daughter lives off twigs and berries. No really, I'm not sure how she weighs even 24lbs. She never eats! Well, she does eat for her Grammy. Maybe frequent visits to Grammy's are all that is sustaining her. LOL. :)

    My son eats very healthy. He will even sit down and eat a salad for lunch.