Child Care

  • Hopefully this is in the right place.

    Does anyone have an idea how much we should be offering for child care?  We are looking to have someone come to our home M-F from 8-3.  I work from home and since I receive calls and have to process emails sporadically during that time I have to have someone here to look after my 6m old son.  I will still be doing all his feedings and when I am not on the phone I typically am playing with him so basically they wont have a whole lot to do. 

    Any thoughts?

  • I don't know how much you should be offering because it really does depend on a lot of factors.

    1. Where you live
    2. How old the sitter is
    3. How much responsibility she will have
    4. How many hours a day will she be needed

    These factors should be considered before making any offer. Often times, the sitter or nanny may have a price in mind for what they charge and you could always ask them what their rates are. This takes the pressure off of you to come up with a price all on your own.

  • I agree... put the onus on the care giver to give you a price. If you are posting ads online or in the newspaper, let them know that rates will be commensurate with experience.

  • It sounds like a teenager/young college student would be a great fit; however, the hours you need, the young person would be in school. You can pay a younger person with less experience a bit less, but with the hours you would need, you would probably be hiring an adult/older person, looking for supplemental income. Ask moms in the neighborhood how much they pay their babysitters. Even though the sitter would not be doing much, they would still be at your home for 7 hours, M-F, which is really a full-time job. Take that into consideration when making an offer for compensation. Regardless of where you live, the cost should be similiar. You will probably be paying between $10-13/hour or decide on a flat rate/week.