Handling those moments our angels turn to devils

  • Even the best angels can be devils some of the time. Whether it is throwing a tantrum, pulling hair, or dropping a heavy object on your toes, sometimes even their cutest smile isn’t enough to calm your upset mind. When my daughter is screaming in need all I want to do is help her, but when she is throwing a tantrum all I want to do is be elsewhere. Instead I take a deep breath and remember I was once a little devil too. Dealing with the frustration of a “painfully playful” child can take many forms… How do you handle the moments your child presses your buttons?

  •  Big Smile If my children are having a meltdown because they are tired, frustrated, or just can't take anymore, I offer them comfort (blankie and milk), hold them, and get them involved in something they enjoy. If they are just being pure evil and throwing a fit. I explain that Mommy doesn't listen to little boys and girls when they are kicking and screaming. That is when I pick them up, take them to a safe place, and walk away. Then I pray for God to give us both the patience to make it until Daddy gets home! LOL.

  • my niece is now 6 but when she was 3 her mom couldn't handle her anymore so she brought her here for a few months, she had major meldowns when told she couldn't do something, it didn't take long for us to relize she didn't know why she couldn't do it just that she couldn't, so we took the time everytime we could to tell her why she could't do it or why she was it trouble. it helped a lot her tantroms almost stoped  there were a few as to be expected from a 3 year old but they were much easer to handle.

  • This actually just happened to me yesterday. I've been home with the kids all week 24/7 and my 2-year-old has been physically attached to my person the whole time. Finally when we all sat down to watch a family movie, she just would not get off of me. She kept bringing me book after book, wanted me to read them several times. Then came the puzzles and the toys and the crying when I didn't do what she wanted. I tried to get her to go to her dad or her sister, but she was having none of it. I finally had it. Grabbed my coat and wallet and went out for a while. My oldest asked where I was going and I said I had to get out of the house before I did something not so nice.

    I rarely loose my patience, especially with my kids, but I skipped an antidepressant the night before and was starting on the PMS trip, which made everything unbearable. When I get in these situations, rather than lash out at those at home I try to remove myself from the situation. Yes, I had some attitude and my family knew I was not happy, but I did not yell at anyone.

    BTW, anyone know what Prince Caspian was about? LOL

  • It's funny. When I read this title I thought that this bulletin was going to be about wives who all of a sudden go insane when their pregnant. Tongue Tied lol! But now I see...

  • Lol, MommaPhee. Did you meet someone like that?