Stress and the moments that make you smile

  • Stress has become an everyday part of life and children can often be a welcome source of it. I am pretty good at working and learning on the fly, so having nine months to study was a change. In my case I was more nervous before the pregnancy then after – waiting had to many “what-ifs”, too much unknown for my comfort, and unfortunately very few sources offer direct-to-dad advice. How does your child affect your stress? What are the moments that make it all worth it?

  • my stress level has sky rocketed at the birth of my daughter 10 weeks early.  not only did i have a premie, i decided to keep the baby i had originally planned on placing for adoption.  I also moved from living with this wonderful family to living with my parents.  a lot changed very quickly.  but the thing that makes it worth it is when i'm holding grace and she just looks at me, or i'm feeding her and she'll stare into my eyes.  and falling asleep in the middle of the night after a feeding with her laying on my chest, smelling her hair as i'm holding her etc..  That's what makes it all worth it.

  • My two-year-old is one never ending ball of energy that is constantly in motion and has recently discovered that her voice can hit ultrasonic wavelengths. She is a big-time stressor on a daily basis. What makes it worth it is all the cute and funny things she does nearly all the time.

    Like the other night, she repeated a line from Go Diego, Go!, as she was talking in her sleep. I had to fight to keep my laughter low as my sleeping child suddenly said, "Freeze, Bo-Bo's!" three times in rapid succession at 1 a.m. And absolutely nothing else!

  • mlpowers, I remember those days. Those memories are the ones you'll carry forever - the walking around at 2 in the morning, the falling asleep in your arms, the way they look so tiny hugged against you. It's great how those little moments can cheer us out of our exhuasted blurs and boost us to keep going when the strain of life seems too much, I'm glad you feel so too Smile.

  • I think I have more moments now then when they were babies!  I mean yes being tiny and staring at you are great but it FLIES by so fast, you blink and there went 3 years.  My moments are still sitting with my boys watching something I watched as a kid with my mom and just seeing thier faces light up.  It makes me cry sharing these moments, especially because now they are old enough to remember it!  My 3yr old couldn't get enough of Frosty or The Nightmare before Christmas and still sings the song but makes up his own lyrics so its became "Frosty the snowman was a frosty frosty this is halloween this is halloween everybody scream in the dead of night" and he just combined them.  But god forbid you try to sing the correct lyrics.  He says with the funniest expression his hands on his hips head tilted to the side "Mommy! You stop singing that!"  It's Hilarious

  • although my little girl is only 2 months, i get frustrated sometimes and i'll look down at her and when she smiles it's all over her face and it melts my heart and makes my frustration  go away instantly. at night when i'm changing a diaper she tends to get this look on her face and this big grin that makes me want to laugh aloud every time, but i try not to-night time is supposed to be for sleeping not playing although with that expression i want to just hold her up high and love on and play with her and talk to her. so i guess i would have to say those are the moments i love the most. oh-and sometimes she laughs out loud in her sleep, that is so pecious too.

  • That is so sweet! I love it when they do things like that.