Dealing With Serious Issues

  • A few weeks after finding out I was pregnant with Jordan (our now two-year-old), my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Having to deal with the reality of his condition as adults was one thing; having to explain it to our 8-year-old was quite another. Moms and dads have to deal with any number of serious life issues at any given time.

    Figuring out how to deal with them personally and as the head of the family is often difficult and confusing. We ended up in counseling to help Sabrina cope with all of the changes going on in our lives. What types of issues have you had to cope with and help your family through, as well? Where did you turn for support or guidance?

  • my grandparents raised me and when i was 9 my grandma was diagnosed with breastcancer, they explained everything that was going to happen before and after the sugery what cancer was and everything else, i remember going to the hospital to see her and people brought over meals after her kemo and radiation, they didn't try to hide anything from me and i liked that and thats what i plan to do with my daughter

  • I've always been a loner - especially when it comes to hard times. Learning to share my personal feelings and issues with my wife was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I felt so vulnerable opening up like that. But having her there to support me and being there for her has really helped me grow as a person and I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. Whenever times get tight I know I can turn to her, and I do my best to show she can always turn to me too... Even if I still find it hard to open up, for her I try.