Baby Shower’s For Both Partners

  • Daddy baby showers! Where were these when my wife was pregnant? A baby shower for the father-to-be is a new idea that is gaining popularity. While these are usually not very similar to the classic idea of a baby shower I think they present an excellent opportunity for current fathers to welcome their next member into that special club called Fatherhood. Do you think a daddy baby shower is a good idea?

  • I don't really see a point in a "daddy baby shower".  I could see if you wanted to maybe do a joint shower but really the point of a baby shower is to welcome the new addition and have your friends "shower" you with gifts for the new baby.  What would be the point of having a seperate daddy one?

  • Similar to the reason woman have begun holding bachelorette parties, daddy baby showers (DBS) have come into fashion through a desire for equality. While a baby shower for the dad is not always the same in style as those for the mother, the concept is the same. Both provide a means for the soon-to-be parent to bond with friends, relieve fears they may have, and strengthen their feelings about the pregnancy. A DBS may also serve to help with feeling of jealousy. Many fathers feel they are overshadowed by the mother and the baby during the pregnancy, which can be quiet the change from the equal status they have held as partner throughout the relationship. By holding a shower, it can reinforce the fact that the father is important and still an equal during the pregnancy.

  • I think joint showers are a good idea, but a daddy baby shower would mean a bunch of men decided to throw a shower for one of their buddies and I'm not too sure that would happen very often.

  • This is very true, though I believe it is still gaining popularity and attention, it also depends on the situation. For instance a new dad with mostly single or childless friends is less likely to receive a daddy baby shower; one with friends who are married or already have children however I could see receiving one. I think fellow dads are more likely to realize the new guy to the club would enjoy a friendly welcome - and could use some sharing of the experience and knowledge they've picked up already. Personally I am hoping to hold one for my good friend when it's his time (he is getting married later next year so it won't be for awhile, but I know he'll enjoy it when the time comes).