strech marks

  • i am 20 yrs old and just had my first baby and i got some strech marks below my belly button and a couple on my hips how can i make them less noticable or even get them to go away pllleaaase help


  • Supposedly, there are some over the counter creams that are supposed to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, but I am not sure how well they actually work. As you lose the baby weight, some of those stretch marks will fade a bit, others will unfortunately stay around. I have a few on my stomach, but every time I lose the baby weight, they get less noticeable. If you are still concerned about your stretch marks after you have lost your baby weight, talk to your doctor, there may be something she can prescribe.


  • There is no cure for stretch marks and are unfortunately the reminder of pregnancy! However, some over-the-counter creams and oils, such as Cocoa Butter and BioOil, help fade stretch marks over time.

  • BIO OIL!!   it wont competely take them away but they do fade alot.

  • I used BioOil religiously twice a day for the first few months or so, then switched to Palmer's Tummy Butter with cocoa.  I put on the Tummy Butter twice a day.  I'm 35 weeks and don't see any yet! 

    I have stretch marks on my hips that were there before I got pregnant.  I will say that BioOil did fade them, but I am unaware of a product that will make them disappear.  If there were a cream or procedure for that, women would flock to it!  Big Smile

  • I currently use Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Stretch Mark Cream 4.4 oz. which I bought when I was 3 mos.  I have been using it ever since - twice a day, Iniitially I was ONLY rubbing my belly and breast.  I noticed stretch marks on my I have begun rubbing in circles there. 

    Im having TWINSBig Smile in Feb and I haven't had a stretch mark on my stomach yet ( fingers crosses).  Im currently 6 mos.

    GOOD LUCK evryone says the marks are a BADGE of MOMMY HONOR!!

    -Dee (1st time mom and very excited)Wink

  • As weird as it sounds I found that BioOil works great on sensitive skin.  I found all the lotions like Palmer's coco butter just made me break out, but with Bio Oil I could even put it on my face and not break out.  I started using it when i was about 3 months along a got just a few stretch marks but they were very faint and I continue to use it and they are still fading.  I strongly recommend it.


  • I had previous marks on my tummy before i got pregnant and sure enough, I got more on my loooooower tummy (top panty line area) when I was 32 weeks pregnant!! I thought I had gotten lucky til then lol. BUT i did try AVON's ANEW Professional Stretch Mark Cream. Is about 25 bucks BUT it WORKS!!! twice a day with circular motions!! BUT you have to stay commited! If your "appearance-worried" like me, you'll stay VERY committed. After using it for two months now, they have significantly faded and so have my old ones!!!

    Like I said, kinda pricey but worth it to me. But remember all skin types are different. I have sensitive skin and this works for me!

  • i am 19 yrz old and jst bout to hve my first babygirl in just a few weeks. i was totally scared of getting stretchmarks!! omg i almost couldnt even stand the thought of haven to see them everyday. until i woke up one morning AND THEY WERE THERE!!! i tried everything tho before i gottn them. biooil, palmers, oils gels deep conditioning creams, the hole works, my mom didnt even get them and she had 3 babies. bt i wasnt so lucky. bt ive actually kinda gottn use to them they dont look to bad as long as u keep something on them ALL THE TIME. bt like tht one lady said try not to worry to much about your bady nw u got a beautiful baby to care for now. and tht really should be the most important thing of all. good luck.

  • Im 20 as well, i just had a little girl, two weeks ago. While i was pregnant i tried using cocoa butter but that made me break out in pupp. the pregnacy rash. reallllly itchy/.. ever since ive been nervous to use anything else.. and i have stretch marks all over.. so im with you one this one..



  • I am so excited for you. I was skeptical about using the Bio-Oil because of the expense behind such a small bottle. I too am having twins in May. I am nervous nd scared and would like to talk to you and ask a few questions. Like morning sickness, cramps, and headaches. I am a first time mom so I have lots to ask. Hopefully I will hear from you soon. Thanks.

  • I had my little boy in august and i did get some strech marks but i would really suggest using bio oil when ure pregnant it has faded my strech marks very good.. i used coco butter when i was pregnant and it obviously didnt work for me ... how far along are you ?

  • Im  3 months and 3 wks.

  • Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is amaaaaaazing! It doesn't have a strong smell like the palmers stuff does. I have been using it since my son was born and thankfully my stretchmarks have faded so much