How you tell that special one.

  • we as parents we always find a way to tell our kids how special they are for us, when they born we do everything for them, kiss them every second and tell them how much we love them.

    but how we tell the other special one that she/he still part of your life, we forget about a lot of things, no more romantic dinners, no more i love you, no more play time.

    even im not in the same position as many of you that have chance to be around those people, i try to tell her everyday what i feel for her, what i would like to be doing with her or how i will try to keep the flame going, till the point that a ran out of things to say.

    so how you keep it going on, how you tell her/ him, what she/him really mean to you, remember life is way to short to let it go and forget about those special moments that at the end bring us here...

  • I think showing your appreciation, love and connection you have is in the little things. I feel bad sometimes that I don't tell my husband I love him as much as he says it to me. I am very overworked a lot of the time, between the kids, actual paying work, freelancing, working on my own projects, etc., that I'm often just mentally exhausted. But I make sure I show him my love in other ways, like making sure he has yummy food to eat and the things he likes and wants. I never get him anything that he asks for for Christmas or birthdays. I always get him the things he never knew he wanted and loves, to show him that it's not about the gift itself (he usually asks for books or DVDs, which to me are materialistic) it's about the thought and love that went into making him unexpectedly happy. I love surprising him with little things, like recording something on TV that he didn't know was on or getting that thing for his car that he's needed forever but always forgets to pick up.

    Its these little things, like curling up together, even if you don't go to bed at the same time, that keep that connection going.

  • I recently read The Five Love Languages. It really helped me. It turns out that I was doing tons of stuff to show my husband I loved him, but it was in MY love language and not his. After reading the book I found out that his love language is "words of affirmation". So I could spend all day doing things for him and buying him gifts and it wouldn't mean as much as one compliment or word of praise.

    Reading The Five Love Languages really helped me to focus what little bit of energy I have on doing the things that mean the most to my husband.

  • Talk about life being too short, a side note to keep you thinking, we all say life is too short but never take it to heart.  A co-worker of mine just lost her husband while he was AWAY on a business trip.  He was 43 years old and died of a heart attack.  That in itself made me come home right away and hug and kiss and cry on my husband.  The thought of losing him is as bad as the thought of losing my kids.  It's unbearable to think about.  That being said, My husband comes from a family that shows little emotion.  I mean seriously in the almost 5 years we have been together, I have literally seen his parents kiss 2 times and say I love you once.  We lived with them for a time as well.  They just are not "that kind of " family and its heart breaking as I come from a family that is.  I've tried everything that I can think of.  I tell him I love him out of the blue and he either doesn't hear me or looks and me and asks "whats that for?" granted I can do it to sometimes as a way to try and get foreplay started which never works, but I think my favorite way was we were discussing other people.  As a backround so you understand where I come from I was burned by my ex.  Swore he loved me we had a son he asked me to marry him and started cheating and one day didn't know if he loved me.  because of that I am CRAZY! lol crazy jealous over protective.  It doesn't bother my hubby too much (esp since it keeps his but out of trouble) but one day we were talking about girls and I always say he's mine and I won't share.  Well he was blowing me off, so I ripped what he was reading out of his hands, climbed on top of him and started kissing him like you'd see in a sex scene of a movie.  And would periodically stop to say you are mine, no matter what, or who, or anything happens. 

    Point is, I can't see tomorrow without him, we aren't all cuddly and lovey dovey like I would like to be, but its the subtle little reminders like what I did that emphasize with him, that he'd have to kill me to get rid of me.

    and since I'm living forever, that will be a hard feat to accomplish :-D