Maintaining your Relationship AFTER the baby

  • After the birth of our first child, my husband and I devoted all our time to our infant son. In addition, we bought a new house that required fixing up and maintenance. With all of our new priorities and responsibilities, we found that we neglected to spend time alone with each other. As a result, we decided to make a “date night” every month where we could go out and reconnect as husband and wife. What ways do you maintain your relationship with your husband or significant other to ensure that you stay connected? How do you manage to juggle the responsibilities of being parents and being partners?

  • My finace and i try to have the house cleaned up and the kids in bed by 9. that way we have an hour or two together...alone before bed. We also try to arrange for both of them to go to their grandparents on teh same day so taht we can have some time alone. Also, keeping in touch w/ your friends is important. I'll stay home w/ the kids one night while he plays video games at a friends, and he stays home w/ them one night so I can go watch a movie w/ my friends. we both have to give and take.

  • My husband and I read a great book before our son was born. It is Childproofing Your Marraige. The authors are not doctors, etc just three married women with children. It gave us a lot to think about and discuss. We realized that we needed to maintain our relationship as husband and wife and not just focus on being mom & dad. We have a date night once a week and have a little bit of time together once our son goes to sleep at night. We started going to yoga again. We want to get healthy and it really helps to do it together. Plus it will set a good example for our son. Also we work together as parents and communicate.