How to reduce baby fat?

  • Hi everyone I just join and this very interesting and helpful. Smile

    My baby is 3 months and is my first one. I just have a tummy left, I don't see the baby fat going away. Do anyone now how to reduce it or how long does it take to disapear?  Huh?

  • Well this is certainly the millon dollar question!!! There are whole industries devoted to trying to give moms the "answer" to losing the baby weight. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion. Usually, the weight will come off gradually ( a few pounds a month) for the first year. Talk to your doctor about appropriate weight loss. Most new moms really just need to tone up more than lose weight. If you are one of those people, you might find it easy to fit back into your pre pregnancy jeans if you exercise 4x a week and stregnthen your core muscles. Also, try to modify your diet and eat a diet rich in whole grains and veggies.

    Don't stress out too much about your body though...after all, you have a beautiful new baby to focus on now!!


  • you have to focus on tightening your abs. half your problem isn't fat, its the fact that your belly muscles are stretched out and sagging. work on two levels. lose weight, and get fit. keep eating the healthy foods you had while preg. veggies generally have no fat/sugar/salt if you prepare them that way. so eat all of them you want! and fruits have sugar, but it's natural sugar. drink lots of water to keep yourself from getting hungry easily. then you have to start excercising. it's not just going to "go away". most of the time, being active w/ your baby is enough exercise. take him/her out for a stroll around the block or let him lay/sit in his baby chair/swing and do some crunches. he'll liek you being down at his level and it'll make it more entertaining to you. don't ever strap your baby to yourself to add more weight resistance. you can exercise with your baby near, not w/ your baby ON you. you can walk w/ a baby carrier attached to your chest, but i wouldn't jog or bike or anything else like that.

  • I can completely relate, before the pregnancy i had a toned stomach and have found that cutting carbs especially at night along with strength training and cardio 4 days a week helped me to see results. I'm not quite were I want to be but I know that I am doing the "right things" ; ) .. I also do push-ups and planks (great core exercise) at home when I'm not able to go to the gym.  When I'm feeling down or too hard on myself  I look at my beautiful baby girl and forget all about my belly. ; )