I know there's still time to improve but i need support from the Dad.

  • I know i have support from my parents and my friends, but my boyfriend does not seem interest in going with me to my appointments.Sad He is always wanting to go to his friends house to play videos games. Don't get me wrong I like playing video games too, but i'm pregnant, and i feel like he is choosing his friends over my baby and me. =( I tell him that I want him to go and today was one of my appointments. Yesterday he said that he was goin to go but by the end of the school day today he changed his mind about going with me. It gotmy sad to think that he would rather go out to be with his friends than to spend time with his girlfriend and his baby.......................... I don't know what to do about this............ this is the third time that he makes me think that he is goin to go wit me and at the last minute he does not want to go...... If anyone has any idea on how i should come about this situation (problem) please tell me................

  • This is a hard one. You can't force him to be involved, unfortunately! I am so glad that you have the support of your parents to help you with all the changes that are going to come. The best you can do is just let him know why it is important to be involved and what he is missing when he doesn't come to the appointments. I hope he comes around soon.

  • thanks for your advise. i sure do hope he comes arounds........... and i will try to let him know how important it is for him to be involved^_^