How long do baby blues last?

  •    I had a beautiful baby girl on Nov 4, 2009.Smile    Recently I have been a little down.. I wanted to know hpw long baby blues last.

  • Congrats on your new baby!!! Postpartum depression can last weeks, months, or years. If you are feeling depressed, you should speak to a healthcare professional who can recommend treatment or counseling until you are feeling better. You cannot control these feelings on your own and speaking your emotions can make you feel much better and more in control of yourself.
  • Congratulations!!  I had baby blues after my son was born, also.  My experience lasted for about 3 weeks, until I woke up one day and realized I am doing the best I can.  I gave myself  little inspirational words in the morning and when my son would cry.  I can't really tell you how long the blues last, it's different for every woman, but I would contact your doctor and talk to them about your feelings.

  • I also had baby blues when my daughter was born. I would burst out in tears for no reason. It went away about 3 weeks later. Newborn babies are very overwhelming, you just have to tell yourself that it is so worth it.

  • Honey child dont you worry bout it you will back to yourself soon! Just get out of the house go to the mall out to eat get your nails done trust me you will feel alot better! Plus drink alot of water and try to rest as much as you can.

  • I have been really depressed also, i had my son on nov 15,2009 and i find myself crying all the time and really sad. Why is that?

  • My daughter was born on September 26th and I had the baby blues for about two weeks. I cried a lot for no reason. These weeks were the most emotional of my life. My love for my daughter overwhelmed me and made me sad. I was also trying to breast feed with very little success and a lot of pain. It was tormenting me physically and emotionally. I finally gave up and switched to bottle feeding and started to feel better about everything. I truly think the blues are due to the wildly changing hormonal shifts in your body as it tries to get to its pre-pregnancy self. You will come out of the haze soon and feel much better about things. Good luck.

  • Congrats on the new baby!!! Be encouraged, trouble don't last always, I know it's overwhelming but just hang in there it'll be over before you know it. Get out if you can and get some fresh air every now and again and things will start turning around. Good luck!!!