Like i said before I need help from the Dad.

  • well I tried to work it out with the father of my unborn child. It did not work out so well and we ended up breaking up. Now, in a way i feel sad and scared of the fact that for the mos part I will be a single mother.  We usually break up and then get back together but I'm tired of that. There are other guys out there and he told me that as well. Which makes me think that I should not go back with him. Should I try to avoid him for now that my baby is not born yet?? or should i try to be friends with him again? I know that if i continue to talk to him I know that i am going to want to go back with him even though i know i should not.

    Should i ignore the feelings that i have for him and forget about what has happened between him and i, and just wait for what ever may come toward us in the future?

  • I am very sorry about your relationship, but I have a few questions.  How old are you and the father? How long have you been together?  I think you should follow your heart. You two now have a huge responsibility coming and should try to agree on that, if nothing else.  Don't panic about being a single mom, tons of others are doing it (myself included) and it is hard but if you believe in yourself you can do it. Best of luck.

  • My situation is similar. I beleive you have to do what is best for the child. If it is that easy for him to walk away from you and tell you there are other men out there will it be that easy for him to walk away from your child? The last thing you want is someone that only wants to be there when they want to and you are left consoling a child that doesn't understand why Daddy didn't come this week. Above all what you feel is best! Good luck to you and your baby.

  • Im going thru the same thing except my baby's father was deported for acting stupid, we didn't know we were pregnant until the day he was deported, but trust me im doing it on my own, well with a little help of my loving mother. But i believe you are a strong woman and can go on. Try to become friends with him if things dont work out, the baby still has the right to get to know the father, the baby has no fault on the parents problems.

  • I'm in your situation as well. I've been with the father of my daughter for almost four years and throughout those years we've been on and off and everything in between. The way I see things with him is that he will never be worth anything until he starts being the man he needs to be. All through my pregnancy he was trying to get me to do an abortion because he said we were "too young' for our daughter. Even now he claims she was a mistake and I certainly do not feel that way. When thinking on your relationship with your partner, do you feel its more valuable than the peace of mind of your child? Think of two things your definately going to want for your kid - happiness and security. I was raised by a single parent and I definately wasn't happy or secure with the life I lead with a father who was in and out of the picture. You will eventually realize that no matter what your child will be there for you. This guy who you love so much at this point in time may not. I needed to come to that conclusion fast when my daughter who was due Dec 13th of this year decided she wanted to make it for thanksgiving and was born Nov 4th. I soon realized that the comfort of being around my child calmed my worries and that no matter how much I wanted to be with him, her father was not about to change for me. It may be hard to see now, but once your baby is safe in your arms, nothing will distract you from that love. good luck with all and i wish you peace of mind in this time of need.

  • i hear you on that my daughter is 4 days old and i go thru that same stuff with him and it is scary the thought off being a single mom.  i am struggling not knowing what to do i have no money for her and want to call and ask him for some to help out but my family keeps telling methat it'll be okay and we'll mae it thru this and they are more than willingto help but i hate to ask for money and stuff i just wish i could suppport her on my own