Just Joining

  • Hi I mostly use thebump. But decided to join a new board. I had my baby at the beginning of October. I was induced early due to pree. It's been pretty great so far. I've been blessed with a pretty easy baby. 

  • hi!  Good for you that you are breastfeeding.  I tried a little but was not consitant.  I was also enduced but due to diabities.  I was also blessed with my miracle baby girl on 10/07.  Isn't  life just great?  Good luck to you and your baby.

  • welcome and congrats on your baby. im glad things are going well for you. what  is pree?

  • Congratulations!!! I also had my baby on October 7th! What a small world....things are going well for us too. Maybe October babies are just easier! Welcome to Strong Moms and I hope to see you around the boards.

  • Thanks. Pree which is short for Preeclampsia is the toximia of pregnancy.