Twin mom!

  • Anybody have Twins? I am a second time mommy with a one year old and twin boys on there way! I am very worried about splitting time between infant boys and my baby girl as well. I also am just worried being a mom to twins, this is all very new, pretty much a new mom all over again... Any advice??

  • Hello,

    I am a first time mom to 5 week old twin girls. I found the first 3 weeks at home to be very tough! We are very lucky and have my mom living with us, so she helps a lot. She has now offered to do the nights so that we can sleep and that has made things so much easier. My advice is to get as much sleep as you can. I'm sure that will be hard having a little one already, but if you have anyone that can help - it makes such a big difference.

    I wish you all the best, having twins has been the best thing that has ever happened to us!


  • Thank you for the advice. I live home with my mother right now as well so that is deff an option I do have! She has already offered to help out as often as needed. It's hard not knowing what to expect though. Did you or do you breastfeed? I was thinking formula would be so much easier but if they are premiee's I do not want to neglect them of a healthier food.  We are very excited as well i'm hoping the first 6 months flys by I found the first 6 months very time consuming with my daughter after that you can finally step back and releax a bit.

  • I am a first-time mommy of b/g twins. I agree, the first couple weeks were hard, and I had a hard time accepting help from people. WISH I would have said yes more often. My babies are 14 wks old and each weeks is so much better! I breastfed them for 12 weeks. I think it was almost easier to breastfeed, only because you are right there and everything is ready! I fed them both at the same time too, however I don't know what it would be like with twins and also with a toddler! But really, accept any help and even ask for more! People will understand!

  • Hi There. I am a mom to 18 month old twin girls. I agree that the number one thing you need is help in the early months. Get someone who can help at night so you can get some sleep. The sleep deprivation can get very bad if you don't do that. As far as formula/breast, do whatever works for you. Breastfeeding twins is a challenge, thoguh I know some Mom's do still do it. I unfortunately was not able to produce any breast milk, and my preemie girls seem to have done just fine without it.

    Enjoy the journey, and remember that even thoguh the first few months are very tough, the road ahead is amazing!!

  • I have 3 wk old twin girls at home as well as a 2 yr old toddler.  Just like you, I worried most about my toddler's world changing.  He adjusted very well.  He loves to be mommy's helper.  The hardest thing for me is not necessarily the twins - it's the toddler!  He is not very independant and seems to be underfoot all the time.  I try my best to keep things normal for him but he knows mommy is sleep deprived and paying alot of attention to things other than him.  When are you due?

  • I had twins as my first pregnancy.  It was and is hard work.  My twins are now 10yrs old and they will be having a little brother in about 2 mo.  The best thing I ever did was keep them in the same crib in the beginning.  They spent 9mo together in the womb so why not outside!  They helped soothe each other and it helped them sleep longer through the night.  They slept together until about 11 mo.  Other than that, you need to worry about you.  It is overwhelming when two babies are crying and need you plus you have another one to worry about.  Just make sure you take the time for yourself and don't feel guilty!!!!

  • I am the mother of 15 weeks old b/g twins.  They are my first children so I can't comment on the whole toddler but I can say that in the beginning especially it can be very overwhelming.  Accept whatever help you can get and always take someone up on an offer to take care of the babies so you can lay down.  My babies were 6 weeks premature and spent 2 weeks in the NICU, they are doing well now but that can be especially challenging also.  I am a critical care nurse and still found the whole situation very stressful.  As far as your breastfeeding question goes, don't let anyone, even the nursery nurses force you into doing something you aren't ready for.  It is a complete challenge to breastfeed or even pump for 2 babies.  Mine were preemies and in the NICU so they couldn't  breastfeed so I chose to pump, they never got the hang of latching on so I have pumped this whole time to give them breast milk although it can be hard to keep up with two so I have also supplimented with formula.  See what you are physically and mentally capable of before you decide what to do! The best advice any mother of twins can give you is to have help handy!!!

  • I am a mother of b/g twins that are 6 months old.  I also have a 14yr old boy and a 9 yr old girl. So for me having these babies I was starting all over again. While I knew what it was like to care for one baby caring for two was much more difficult. You have double the duty but surely double the love. 

    If you have the choice of c-section or vaginal have them vaginally if you can. I had c/s and the recovery time is much longer and harder on you.

    Like all the other advice if you have help do take them up on their offers. Do keep them on the same schedule put them down at the same time and when one wakes up to eat wake the other and feed. Do try to sleep them in the same bed. I on the other hand found it easier to sleep them separate. They tended to wake eachother up.

    Sleep when you have the chance. It is very hard taking care of twins being sleep deprive let alone with a toddler thrown into the equation.

    I just weaned my daughter from the breast and my son has been on formula for some time. After a bout with stomach virus they both haven't been the same. He "forgot" how to nurse and they both became allergic to milk protein and soy. I changed my diet and continue to nurse her and formula fed him. It is possible to breastfeed both and I thought it was easier since it was right there and didn't have to get up and make formula and clean bottles. But you do what is easiest and conducive to making your life less hectic, because many situations arise and you have to just do what you can.

    It has gotten easier. My MIL helped me at night from 4pm -8 or 9pm for their bed time routine til about their 4th month.  I have pretty much done it by myself since.

    You'll find what works for you. You can do it. If you ever have questions just ask. Us MOMs need to stick together and help one another. Good luck

    When are you due?

  • I am going to be a first time mom and we are expecting twin girls. I am 26 weeks and have been on bed rest since 21 weeks. Everyday I sit here and think how are we going to handle having twins. I was wondeirng if those who have had twins if you felt it was necessary to have double of certain things like Pack N Plays, Swings, Bouncers etc... I am just trying to figure this all out. I

  • I have 7 month old b/g twins.  We have 2 pack and plays 2 excersaucers. 2 of almost all their toys.  Though on hindsight we could have made it work with just one of some items.  Like buying one of toys they can play with because they can always share them.  Hope this helps.

  • I have identical twin girls that will be 1 in Feb. I had them 9 wks early and was in the hospital for almost a month when I had them. I had to spend my sons 3rd birthday in the hospital as well as my own birthday. My family of 5 is known in my family as the Feb family due to all of our birthdays are in Feb. I know how you feel about the worrying with spending time with your little girl before your twins get here. I just took it one day at a time before my twins came home, spending as much time with my son before his sisters came home. Even though he has had to share them with his Mommy and Daddy for almost a year he still asks if we can return them sometimes. LOL I enjoy the time we spend together, just know that when the twins are sleeping spend that time with your little girl so she doesn't feel left out. Sleep as much as you can believe me your gonna need it.

  • Their are great books out there that give advice on this subject too..."Twin sense" and "Ready on Not Here They Come", but what I found most helpful was 1 pack-n-play, 2 bouncy seats, I bought 1 swing and since they both really liked it I went out and bought one of those portable swings...its not as comfortable for them but I try not to leave them in anything too long anyway, I also found it is easier to have the option of having a swing when we visit family.  The #1 item every parent of twins should have is at least 2 Boppy Pillows.  You have no clue how much of a godsend they can be.  Also when they get a little older Bumbo seats are wonderful.  I opted for two highchairs that way me and my husband can feed them at the same time, but I got the ones that strap to your chair and find it a great space saver.  Some people will tell you to get one crib, at least thats what people told me, thank goodness I bought 2 because unlike most twins I guess, mine wake each other up.  The other thing I have found to be a great source of piece of mind are the Angelcare Monitor with the map.  I am a nurse and was very skeptical but my children were 6 weeks premature and came home on apnea monitors.  They removed the monitors after 3 months but once your children stop breathing at all you can't help but be a nervous wreck.  We got these monitors and although the audible monitor does pick up some interference, the mat is wonderful.  We have never had a false alarm and they are really inexpensive for their purpose.  The best $90 for piece of mind I've ever spent. Other than those key things all I can tell you is to enjoy this special gift you've been given.  Being the mother of twins is challenging but an awesome task.  Double the pleasure and the fun....and the WORK, but well worth every minute of it.  Good luck and sleep while you can, and always remember IT GETS EASIER EVERYDAY!!!!  Just making it through the first few months will give you the strength to do anything. Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Hi, I have 9 month old twin girls and I breastfed and formula fed for the first 3 months.  It was so much work to breastfeed that I was kind of relieved to end it.  But I do know someone that breastfed twins for a year, so it can be done!  Even though they're older now, it's still a lot of work, but so much fun too.  Good Luck!

  • I just had twins recently...boy/girl combo. They were premature...born at 30 weeks, so be prepared for that since twins do come early. Some advice is to try to be as organized as possible before they get here. We use charts for what time they eat, how much, breast or formula and if they pooped or peed. Trust me, you'll lose track if you try to remember everything on your own. Always sleep when they sleep if you can. When they first came home, I had my mom and whoever could come over and help out. Don't be afraid or too proud to ask for help. It'll help keep your sanity. Also, I always tried to make their bottles ahead of time. We had to use the neosure formula b/c they were premies. So, we mixed using breastmilk and formula. I never breastfed, which allowed my husband to get into the feeding action by helping out with the bottles.  Last thing, hang in there. It's going to be a ride and it'll go fast. My twins are already almost three months old, and they were well worth it. Good luck and God bless!