Forgetting, Clumsiness and Misplacing Things

  • My problem really started taking off after becoming pregnant with my little girl.  I started forgetting things after my husband and I move out of our house just before we found out I was pregnant.  It wasn't that bad at first, but once it got closer to the due date it became worse.  We moved back to our home one week before my baby girl was born, and everything was scattered everywhere in the house.  From then on things were moved so many times and so quickly that I started misplacing things.  Now my baby girl is almost 4 months old and I feel as if I am so very clumsy, forgetful, and am continuously misplace things.  Can anyone help me or give me some ideas how I can stop all of this?

  • Ah!!! Welcome to the wonderful phenomenon known as "mommy brain"! And please don't think you are alone in this. Most women become forgetful, clumsy etc during and after pregnancy. It may have something to do with the extra focus on the baby and all the new changes in your life etc. This leads to an overload and an overwhelmed feeling. Your brain doesn't want to forget the baby, so it focuses heavily on the baby and forgets other things around the house! No one knows for certain why it happens, only that it does truly seem to happen.

    Yet even though it is is annoying to say the least. Pick one thing you would like to change and focus on that. If it is trying not to misplace your keys, then really focus on putting them where they go every day for a week. Hopefully, by the end of the week, you will not need to remind yourself to pick them up. Tackle all of the major things this way and you will begin to feel a little better.